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Drug info and facts

amber-heard-face-142Points tanti-drug-campaign-thief-small-88716o consider before using Drugs!!!!
What does freedom of choice mean to you?
Freedom is the power of choice – the choice to decide your own future. When you are told what to do, say or think you are not free. Is it ok to let someone else to make choices for you? Would you let someone else take your possessions from you, stop you thinking for yourself? If you believe that someone else cannot make choices for you, why would you let drugs do it? Drugs will rob of your freedom.
How drugs will affect you..?

Drugs will affect your feelings, behavior and attitudes .There are three types of drugs and each will affect you differently:
• Drugs that make you drowsy, calm and relaxed are called depressants they include, Alcohol, mandrax, sleeping tablets, painkillers, glue and heroin.
• Drugs that make you excited, alert and full of energy are called stimulants, and they include: Nicotine (cigarettes) cocaine, ecstasy and slimming tablets.
• Drugs that make you see or imagine things that are false are called hallucinogens, they include: L.S.D, Dagga, and Ecstasy.
There are physical dangers
Drugs harm your body in the following ways:
• Alcohol damages the liver, kidneys and brain.
• Dagga causes cancer, heart problems, and damage to the brain and reproductive organs.
• Mandrax harms the heart, lungs, nervous system, blood and the brain.
• Crack /cocaine destroys nasal tissue’s, causes high blood pressure, affect’s the heart and mind.
• Heroin damages the heart and lungs, causes severe weight loss, fits and tremors’ (shaking).
• Cat is a stimulant .it is most commonly snorted and is extremely addictive.
• Club drugs: ecstasy, rohypnol, ketamine, ghb, methamphetamine and L.S.D often used to spike drinks and intoxicate others. This often results in date rape ,as the victim was not aware that her soft drink had been spiked with a drug .Make sure you fetch your own soft drink and don’t accept one from a stranger .Never accept an alcoholic beverage or drink.

Never mix drugs, it is very dangerous .when the affects of two or more drugs are added together, the results may lead to death.
Why drugs are dangerous.
Drugs cause a false sense of security and confidence. we lose our inhibitions ,which affect our judgment and results in us finding ourselves in dangerous situations .drug users will often find themselves being involved in unprotected sex ,which will lead to a greater chance of having sexually transmitted infections like HIV?Aids or syphilis. Is it worth risking your life for?

 Warning: on conviction for possession or dealing of any quantity of illegal drugs, a jail sentence of between 5 and 15 years could be imposed


Alcohol (depressant Substance) a socially acceptable drug, is the most abused in the world. Alcohol, or ethanol, is found in varying proportions in beer, wine and spirits .although it is seen as being socially acceptable, it carries severe consequences if abused.
Side effects
• Loss of recent memory
• Poor judgment.
• Deteriorating skin conditions
• Hypertension
• Congestive heart failure
• Ulcers of the stomach & intestine.
• Pancreatitis
• Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Popular Names
Booze .Dop, Drink, liquor

How is it used?
Alcohol is a liquid substance prepared in various ways which can be drunk on its own mixed with other Liquids.

The “Crash”
Alcohol intake leads to dehydration .Symptoms of what is called a “Hangover” the next day persons experiences, nausea fragility, head pounding and a upset stomach.



Cocaine is fine white ,odorless yet bitter tasting crystalline powder extracted from the leaves of a coca plant ,”Erythroxylum” coca found in western south America.

Side effects
• Euphoria / Garrulousness
• Increased activity in the heart
• Loss of appetite
• Aggressive & violent behavior
• Anxiety & panic Attacks
• With Crack .May experience Paranoia and schizophrenic psychosis
• Visual disturbances
• Damage to Nasal septum
• Shortness of breath & chronic cough respiratory problems
• Sexual dysfunction
• Severe weight loss and Malnutrition
Popular Names
Coke, Charlie, snow, White Lady, Nose candy, Blow.
How is it used?
Cocaine is mostly taken in powdered form where it is divided into lines and snorted through the nose.
The “Crash”
This is caused by lowered levels of Dopamine in the brain after a cocaine binge leads to severe depression and though of suicide. The withdrawal symptoms of Cocaine are. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and paranoia. Thoughts of suicide and total exhaustion.



Dagga (marijuana) an illegal drug is the second most abused drug in the world and the most abused drug in South Africa.
Side effects
• Paranoia and risk of psychosis
• Drowsiness and reflective mode.
• Confusion & restlessness.
• Hallucinations; distortion of time, space, sight & sound.
• Dilated pupils
• Loss of short term memory
• Impaired logic ,reasoning and coordination
• Increased pulse rate, hunger and thirst.
• Attention deficit; speech & language impairment & alteration in intellect.
• Chronic decreased levels of motivation & persistent colds & flu.
• Bronchitis, pneumonia & emphysema.
• Individuals more susceptible to infections
• Infertility and miscarriages
• Psychological problems.

Popular names
Cannabis, Marijuana, dope, zol, weed, skyf, joint, grass, greens, boom, hash, pot.

How is it used

The leaves of the cannabis Sativa plant are dried and crushed and the either rolled into handmade cigarettes or smoked in pipes or broken bottle necks. Dagga may also be ingested via baked cakes or cookies .Some might even use the leaves to brew a dagga tea.

The “crash”
Dagga is not physically addictive like heroin and tobacco. However a person can become psychologically addicted. Very heavy dagga users can suffer psychological withdrawal symptoms, becoming anxious, paranoid and unable to sleep at night.




Ecstasy is known as the “rave Drug”. it is found in the form of tablets in different sizes and colours and has logos such as doves on them .it is a popular drug among teenagers because it gives them energy to dance all .

Side effects

• Heatstroke
• Swelling of the brain leading to unconsciousness
• Paralysis
• Loss of memory
• Parkinson’s disease
• Severe kidney & liver failure.
• Panic attacks
• Depression
• Mood swings

Popular names

E. love doves, disco biscuits, xtc. Pills

How is it used?

Ecstasy usually appears in tablet form .The tablet is swallowed and then digested in the stomach.

The “Crash”

Due to overstimulation of the central nervous system ,the coming “down “after using ecstasy results in depression, exhaustion and mood swings .this could then lead to cravings.




Heroin is a central nervous system depressant, from the opiate category of drugs .It is 5 to 8 times stronger than morphine from which it is derived.

Side effects
• Impaired concentration
• Drooping eyelids, dilated pupils, slow slurred speech.
• Decreased respiration, decreased heart rate & blood pressure.
• Lowered body temperature ,suppression of pain perception
• Nausea & vomiting reduced libido
• Impaired Judgment depression & lack of motivation.
• Severe physical & psychological addiction
• Heart failure & strokes ,liver & kidney damage and failure
• Permanent track marks
• Weight loss: loss of appetite resulting in dehydration & malnutrition.
• Thrombosis :constipation
• Skin disease, ulcers & sores: itching burning skin: amputation & gangrene.
• Septicemia :hepatitis ,Jaundice
• Pneumonia :hiv/aids
• Overdose: coma respiratory failure cardiac arrest.

Popular Names
 Thai white ,browns ,spike ,brown sugar, dope, horse ,skunk, magic dragon, smack, junk, mud ,black tar, H, gear, boy, dragon, Harry, nyope,(dagga & heroin mixed)

How is it used?
Heroin can be taken orally smoked and snorted but is normally injected intravenously (IV (mainlining, intramusculararly (IM) or subcutaneously (under the skin / skin popping)

The “Crash”
The person will suffer from physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms
The physical withdrawal symptoms of heroin experienced by addicts are very severe and more than often need medical intervention.





A central nervous system depressant. Most abused inhalants are volatile hydrocarbon solvents produced from petroleum and natural gas.”Volatile” meaning they evaporate when exposed to air and “solvents” referring to their capacity in liquid form to dissolve many other substances.

Side Effects
• Distorted perceptions; short term memory loss; slurred speech hallucinations: depression; paranoia.
• Watering of eyes; sneezing: Coughing: nose bleeds: nasal inflammation.
•  Increased heart rate; irregular heart beat: chest pain; respiratory depression.
• Vomiting; diarrhea.
• Fatigue: Forgetfulness: inability to think clearly or Logically, irritability. Hostility: feeling of persecution: depression.
• Cardiac arrhythmia due to fluorocarbons followed by panic, trauma or activity (sudden sniffing death).
• Damage to mucous membrane of respiratory tract: Airway freezing or laryngospasm causes death.
• Heart, liver and adrenal gland damage: Kidney and liver toxicity.
• Peripheral nerve damage
• Accumulation of toxic levels in the body
• Bone marrow deterioration.

How it used
Solvents inhaled directly or poured onto cloth, paper, and plastic bag and inhaled. Through the mouth and nose.

The “Crash”

• Chills; abdominal pains
• Anxiety; Hallucinations.
• Depression; headaches: delirium tremens.
•  Hostile outburst, irritability.



Lysergic acid (LSD)


Pure LSD is a white tasteless odorless crystalline powder that dissolves in water. it is mixed with other substances such as sugar ,packaged capsules ,tablets ,solutions ,or dotted on gelatin sheets of pieces of blotting paper .LSD is the most powerful hallucinogen available. Alters a person’s perception –he or she sees things that don’t really exist.

• Impaired motor – Skills and coordination: Dilated pupils.
• Occasional seizures
• Noticeable laughter
• Increased blood pressure, heart rate and temperature.
• Rapid reflexes :numbness ,muscle weakness and trembling
• Fear ,anxiety, sleeplessness
• Depression ;several different emotions at once
• Flashbacks
• Dry mouth ,loss of appetite
• Feeling of losing identity
• There is no real bizarre behavior

A, Acid, Animal, Beast ,black star ,blaster, blue, moons, California sunshine, microdots, wedges ,trips, Zigzag man Smiley, Superman, Smiley Faces, Ying Yang, Eight Ball, Pig, Magic Mushroom, Garfield, Ohms Bart Simpson

LSD is usually taken orally but is sometimes inhaled or injected

• The scary sensation may last a few minutes or several hours and may be mildly frightening or terrifying
• The user may experience panic ,confusion, suspiciousness ,Anxiety, feeling of helplessness and loss of control
• Sometimes taking a hallucinogen can unmask mental or emotional problems that were previously unknown





Mandrax is a synthetic drug that is made by mixing chemicals; the active ingredient is methaqualone .Mandrax is a combination of methaqualone and diphenhydramine an antihistamine.

• Mood swings :restlessness
• Rapid weight loss – loss of appetite
• Slurring of words ,headaches
• Dilated pupils: heart palpitations, increased blood pressure.
• Feeling of relaxation :emotional instability
• Lack of coordination
• Nausea ,sweating ,chills
• Short –term memory loss & personality changes
• Muscular miss coordination
• Psychological as well as physical dependency
• Impairment of liver function
• Emphysema and chronic lung infection
• Extreme weight loss
• Paralysis & speech impediments
• Fatal thrombosis ,convulsions sleep disturbances
• Severe state of anxiety ,panic and paranoia
Mandies, buttons, MX, Whites, White Pipe, Geluktablette, Smarties, Barry whites, Pille, Knoppies, Originals.
It is usually smoked .A white pipe is crushed mandrax mixed with Dagga and smoked in a broken off bottleneck.
Depression is common in mandrax withdrawal .Psychological cravings can be severe in the withdrawal state





“Tik” or Methamphetamine is part of the amphetamine group of drugs .Methamphetamine is a stimulant .The chemical structure is similar to that of amphetamine but it has more pronounced effects on the central nervous system.
• Athetosis (writhing Jerky or flailing Movements)
• Irritability :extreme nervousness
• Insomnia :incessant Talking
• Hyperthermia :convulsions
• Purposeless: repetitive behaviors such as picking at skin or pulling out hair.
• Irregular heartbeat and increased blood pressure
• Stroke
• Hyperthermia & convulsions
• Weight loss ;skin infections ;blemishes
• Damaged blood vessels and skin abscesses
• Episodes of violent behavior ,paranoia, anxiety ,confusion and aggression
• Sores in and around the mouth

Tik, crystal meth, crystal, lolly, Choef, speed ice Tuk-Tuk globes, Hitler’s drug, Popeye’s straw chalk crystal straw.


Tik is sold in straws. It is found in many forms rending from a fine powder to large crystals .It can be snorted, orally injected, injected or smoked .Smoking is the most common method used in South Africa.


The crash follows intense euphoria when the user “comes down” from the drug. A deep depression or dysphonic mood sets in and triggers the persons desire to use again.



It is a white or off white powder, similar to cocaine, sold in vials, capsules or pressed tablets. It is manufactured by “cooking” it clandestinely in garages, houses etc. the precursor drug ephedrine & pseudoephedrine is the main ingredient and highly toxic substances such as battery acid ,paint thinners ,it is popular within the rave scene & also used as an aphrodisiac.

• Headaches
• Stroke
• Feelings of euphoria
• Psychosis
• Insomnia
• Dilated pupils
• Anxiety
• Tremors
• Muscle twitches
• Alertness & physical energy
• Increased heart rate & respiration ;increased blood pressure
• Paranoia hallucinations delusions
• Irritability; depression; prolonged stimulation leads to convulsions: brain damage with symptoms similar to that of Parkinson‘s disease: permanent psychosis; Death.
• Nose bleeding : destruction of nasal passages
• Cardiac arrest
• Stomach pains: Nausea: electrolyte Imbalance: Dehydration: weight loss: loss of appetite /anorexia.


Cat, Goob: star Speed; Kat.


It can be smoked in a crack pipe pr with cigarettes or dagga or intravenously injected .But most commonly snorted.


Tobacco is the dried leaves of the tobacco plant which are used to make cigarettes and cigars. There are about 40 different chemical in tobacco of which the most addictive is nicotine. Nicotine is found only in tobacco .It acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system and this is what cause the addiction to tobacco products

• Faster more shallow breathing
• Increased pulse rate
• Decreased circulation
• Emphysema
• Bronchitis
• Asthma
• Lung cancer
• Respiratory infections
• Cardiac muscle dysfunction
• Arteriosclerosis
• Cancer of the mouth ;larynx; pharynx; esophagus; pancreas cervix; uterus & bladder
• Weakens bones 
• Increased risk of osteoporosis


Fags, smokes, cigs, ciggies.

Tobacco can be smoked in cigarette form; through a pipe; as cigars; may be chewed or used as snuff and thus snorted.



During this cycle, the addict’s life style is also badly affected .So much energy is spent getting and using the drugs that this life style deteriorates more and more .the following aspects of life can be affected: Family, relationships, School/work, Finance, emotional self, physical self, and value system (ethical and moral deterioration)


In order to recognize the occurrence of dependency it is necessary to understand that, as with other illnesses, recognizing and addressing symptoms early in the development of the illness makes treatment and recovery easier. During the early phases of the illness, two main symptoms may be evident.

I.E. drinking or drugging at socially unacceptable times, or in socially unacceptable situations e.g. having a joint before a job interview to calm your nerves.



I.e. taking the substance for the anaesthetizing effect to calm nerves, relieve tension, and change moods.

Some of the other more obvious signs of drug abuse are:
• Secret and inappropriate drinking or drugging
• Drinking or drugging alone
• The use of “regmakers”
• Compulsive drinking or drugging
• Binge drinking or drugging
• Change in drinking or drugging companions
• Attempts in staying clean.
• Repeated bouts of intoxication (loss of control)
• Anti social behavior
• Child abuse, family violence.
• Sleep disturbances
• Marital & family disharmony
• Job absenteeism and tardiness
• Accidents at home and work.
• Job changes & loss of work
• Financial problems
• A new group of friends
• Change in dress style, hairstyle, clothing, tattoos.
• Strange, inappropriate or secretive behavior.
• Suddenly wearying long sleeves in summer or sunglasses inside or at night


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